What does conundrum mean?

What does conundrum mean? It means something that is puzzling; it normally involves a pun of words or numbers. 

Examples: –

  •         When I look at a mathematics problem and tried to solve that conundrum, I end up wandering over all the other things rather than have a look at the problem.
  •         The current conundrum regarding the fuel has left the government wandering over all types of solutions and how they would be able to secure money towards that particular interest.
  •         Just having to look at the conundrum in regards to the amount of Smog over the Delhi skies has led to the solution of an odd and even rule. However, there is no guarantee that it would work wonders for the environment of this location.
  •         When you have one of the most important lectures of your life, it is very important for you to not go around with the conundrum look in your face.

·         Janice tried to sleep, but with the conundrum, it was near to impossible for her. For more