Solve all your engine diagnostic needs! The Roadi RDT55 is here to save you!

Roadi RDT55If you want to stop spending a fortune in order to repair your car or to keep it running as smoothly as possible, then I think that the very first thing you should do is get your hands on your very own car code reader!

You may have not noticed it, but all a professional car mechanic does in order to correctly diagnose a car, is connect a special car diagnostic tool to a port found on its CPU! This tool will let him know instantaneously if there’s a problem with the car and exactly what that is!

I say “if there’s something wrong” because most of the times your “check engine” light will come one, it will be just a false alarm, but the mechanic will still charge you for the “diagnosis”

By owning your own code reader device you will be able to avoid all those unneeded and, let’s face it, pretty costly trips to your car mechanic since you won’t have to pay for a diagnosis, especially if it was just a false alarm!

Roadi RDT55What an auto scanner tool does is retrieve and read the check engine codes that are produced and stored in your car CPU’s memory every time one of its components manufacturers!

By reading the scanner’s report, you’ll know exactly what’s wrong with your car and whether you can fix it yourself or you should visit an expert!

The car code reader is the perfect DIY auto repair tool for all car owners and enthusiasts since it’s actually used on a daily basis by by professional mechanics all over the World!

In this review, we will talk about one of the most popular code readers for cars on the market right now, the Roadi RDT55 Diagnostic Trouble Code reader for Volkswagen and Audi OBDII cars!

Some reviewers claim that it’s one of the best auto code reader models on the market! Are they right? Well keep on reading my review and you’ll find out!

RoadiRDT55 Overview

The Roadi RDT55 VAG is a state of the art diagnostic scan tool with a wealth of really useful functions and features! What makes it stand out from all the other OBDII scanners out there, is the fact that it is essentially three tools all rolled into one!

First of all the Roadi RDT55 is a top of the line auto scanner that can retrieve, read and erase trouble codes, as well as display live engine data for all OBD-II compliant cars! But it doesn’t stop there! It can also handle 78 separate systems as well as the oil shutoff function of pretty much all cars belonging to the VAG group, especially Volkswagen and Audi models!

This amazing obdii scanner, apart from being really useful and accurate, is also extremely easy to use, very reliable and it comes equipped with a high tech LCD screen that is very large easy to read, even in complete darkness because it’s backlit!

Finally, the RDT55 can be easily updated by connecting it to a USB port on your PC and it also features a detachable and replaceable connector cable!

Roadi RDT55 auto diagnostic tool



  • The RDT55 by Roadi, is a very user friendly and extremely reliable and accurate auto diagnostic tool!
  • It comes equipped with a very large and easy to read LCD screen, with backlight!
  • The RDT55 code reader is very compact and it can easily fit in the palm of your hand or the pocket of your pants!
  • It is compatible with all cars built from 1996 onwards!
  • The RDT55 OBDII code scanner, can retrieve and read a wide variety of codes, including SAE codes, generic codes and even manufacturer specific codes!
  • It can also erase data codes and reset the “check engine” warning light!
  • Roadi RDT55 obdii scannerThe Roadi RDT55 is fully compatible with the VPW PWM ISO9141 diagnostic protocols
  • It also supports cars using the CAN Protocol!
  • It features a detachable 16-pin OBD2 connection cable that can be easily replaced in case something happens to it, or it gets lost!
  • You can update it using your computer’s USB port in order to download all the latest code definitions as well as data for newly released models vehicles, specifications and updated DTC.
  • The Roadi RDT55 Trouble Code Reader can also read and display live engine data!
  • It’s fully compatible with all Audi and Volkswagen models sold worldwide since1990, as well as all newer models!
  • It can retrieve and read trouble codes for 4 of your car’s main systems: the engine, the transmission system, the airbags, and the ABS system!
  • All of its menus and functions are available in three different languages!




  1. Extremely easy to use!
  2. It’s a very versatile car diagnostic tool!
  3. It comes with a lot of extra features for Audi and Volkswagen cars!
  4. It’s compatible with OBDII as well as CAN vehicles!
  5. It features a detachable and replaceable conector!
  6. You can update easily using just your PC!


  1. Some of its features are exclusive to Audis and Volkswagens