Difference Between Latex, Foam and Spring Mattress

One has different encounters while using different mattresses.The common thing that you will get from any of these mattresses is the ease and relaxation to your body during slep.It is only a mattress that is most suitable to your body that can give you a good sleep at night. A mattress proffers a lot of good things.To get the best out of any mattress that you want to make use of, you need to aware of the distinction that each one of them has.There is a special use of each one of them.

Unique advantages- some people think that spring mattress are traditional and it cannot be compared to other matters such as memory foam and latex mattress.One has to comprehend all the features that the spring mattress brings to one.Some of them provide one with a zero motion transfer. These days you can move with out causing any disturbance to anyone.Consumers nowadays choose latex, because of its eco-friendly features.

Due to the make of this mattress with rubber it helps in maintaining the ecological balance of the atmosphere.Aside from eco-friendly features, this kind of mattress is also hypoallergenic with anti-microbial feature that is perfect for people who are suffering from allergies.When it comes to memory foam, the popular feature is its ability to memorize your body contour.It even take care of the heat of your body to give maximum comfort.In order to provide maximum relief from pains and difficulties it gives support to the susceptible parts of the lumbar region.

Durability-when it comes to durability, you cannot question the ability of latex foam to last up to 25 years.These mattress are very well ventilated to provide circulation of air.Even the memory foam mattress is very sturdy for mildew and mold propagation.Your proper care will ensure that the memory foam mattress will work for at least 15 years.In order to prevent the memory foam mattress from sagging one has to keep flipping it as told by many users of it.It is one of the lowest durable when one is talking of the spring mattress.This does not mean that the spring mattress is lesser in quality but amongst the latex and the memory ones it is definitely lesser.But again with the spring mattress there is no flipping that is needed, so there is no inconvenience.

Price-With regards to the price the latex and the memory are similar.These two are regarded as the most costly among mattress.You have to be aware that the higher the quality, the more you have to pay for expensive mattress.In any case the latex and the memory mattress are quite inexpensive but does not have the desired manufacturing standards that are kept in mind while making them.When choosing the best mattress for your family, it is better to stick with utmost quality.This will let you save more money than constantly changing your mattress.

Finding The Best Professional Trampoline

If you want to improve your athletic skills or your gymnastic skills or you are preparing for a competition, then what you need is a professional trampoline. This is not like the usual trampoline that kids use. This is of better quality but of course it is more expensive compared to the other types of trampolines. These trampolines are much more durable and made with less amount of elastic material. Its bouncing quality relies on the springs. Most of these trampolines also have steel frames and you can even find other models that are collapsible so it can easily be transported to another place. To guide in choosing the best trampoline you can use for training, here are some qualities you should look for in a trampoline.

The standard size for professional trampolines is usually about 14 to 17 feet. There should also be about 110 springs around the frame of the trampoline which are essential for supporting the woven fabric from the webbing. This is very important as this allows the athlete to bounce higher which helps when you are practicing your routine. This is what most athletes use when training for the Olympics and for other competitions. This is also used when training for other sports like snowboarding, wrestling, skiing and diving.

You would also want a trampoline for professional that will last for a long time. You would need a sturdy but lightweight and durable trampoline. Make sure that the coil springs are secure and would not snap easily. You also have to make sure that the mat stays flat and stays in its place whenever you make use of the trampoline. This is very important especially if you spend a great deal of time on the trampoline. This is not just for you to learn skills more effectively but this is also to ensure your safety while training.

So where do you start looking for professional jumping trampoline? You can find it in shops that sells sports goods and you can also try searching online. But do not purchase the first one you can find. You would also need to compare various models from various manufacturers for you to find the best deal. You would only want to have the best quality especially since you will be using this for an important event. Though it may be costly, but you would surely find it worth every penny.

Solve all your engine diagnostic needs! The Roadi RDT55 is here to save you!

Roadi RDT55If you want to stop spending a fortune in order to repair your car or to keep it running as smoothly as possible, then I think that the very first thing you should do is get your hands on your very own car code reader!

You may have not noticed it, but all a professional car mechanic does in order to correctly diagnose a car, is connect a special car diagnostic tool to a port found on its CPU! This tool will let him know instantaneously if there’s a problem with the car and exactly what that is!

I say “if there’s something wrong” because most of the times your “check engine” light will come one, it will be just a false alarm, but the mechanic will still charge you for the “diagnosis”

By owning your own code reader device you will be able to avoid all those unneeded and, let’s face it, pretty costly trips to your car mechanic since you won’t have to pay for a diagnosis, especially if it was just a false alarm!

Roadi RDT55What an auto scanner tool does is retrieve and read the check engine codes that are produced and stored in your car CPU’s memory every time one of its components manufacturers!

By reading the scanner’s report, you’ll know exactly what’s wrong with your car and whether you can fix it yourself or you should visit an expert!

The car code reader is the perfect DIY auto repair tool for all car owners and enthusiasts since it’s actually used on a daily basis by by professional mechanics all over the World!

In this review, we will talk about one of the most popular code readers for cars on the market right now, the Roadi RDT55 Diagnostic Trouble Code reader for Volkswagen and Audi OBDII cars!

Some reviewers claim that it’s one of the best auto code reader models on the market! Are they right? Well keep on reading my review and you’ll find out!

RoadiRDT55 Overview

The Roadi RDT55 VAG is a state of the art diagnostic scan tool with a wealth of really useful functions and features! What makes it stand out from all the other OBDII scanners out there, is the fact that it is essentially three tools all rolled into one!

First of all the Roadi RDT55 is a top of the line auto scanner that can retrieve, read and erase trouble codes, as well as display live engine data for all OBD-II compliant cars! But it doesn’t stop there! It can also handle 78 separate systems as well as the oil shutoff function of pretty much all cars belonging to the VAG group, especially Volkswagen and Audi models!

This amazing obdii scanner, apart from being really useful and accurate, is also extremely easy to use, very reliable and it comes equipped with a high tech LCD screen that is very large easy to read, even in complete darkness because it’s backlit!

Finally, the RDT55 can be easily updated by connecting it to a USB port on your PC and it also features a detachable and replaceable connector cable!

Roadi RDT55 auto diagnostic tool



  • The RDT55 by Roadi, is a very user friendly and extremely reliable and accurate auto diagnostic tool!
  • It comes equipped with a very large and easy to read LCD screen, with backlight!
  • The RDT55 code reader is very compact and it can easily fit in the palm of your hand or the pocket of your pants!
  • It is compatible with all cars built from 1996 onwards!
  • The RDT55 OBDII code scanner, can retrieve and read a wide variety of codes, including SAE codes, generic codes and even manufacturer specific codes!
  • It can also erase data codes and reset the “check engine” warning light!
  • Roadi RDT55 obdii scannerThe Roadi RDT55 is fully compatible with the VPW PWM ISO9141 diagnostic protocols
  • It also supports cars using the CAN Protocol!
  • It features a detachable 16-pin OBD2 connection cable that can be easily replaced in case something happens to it, or it gets lost!
  • You can update it using your computer’s USB port in order to download all the latest code definitions as well as data for newly released models vehicles, specifications and updated DTC.
  • The Roadi RDT55 Trouble Code Reader can also read and display live engine data!
  • It’s fully compatible with all Audi and Volkswagen models sold worldwide since1990, as well as all newer models!
  • It can retrieve and read trouble codes for 4 of your car’s main systems: the engine, the transmission system, the airbags, and the ABS system!
  • All of its menus and functions are available in three different languages!




  1. Extremely easy to use!
  2. It’s a very versatile car diagnostic tool!
  3. It comes with a lot of extra features for Audi and Volkswagen cars!
  4. It’s compatible with OBDII as well as CAN vehicles!
  5. It features a detachable and replaceable conector!
  6. You can update easily using just your PC!


  1. Some of its features are exclusive to Audis and Volkswagens

RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Review

Our toilet bowls doesn’t need only cleaning chemicals, it also need a routine maintenance in order to avoid clogging issues. There are a lot of options on how to properly maintain our toilets, but there is one specific chemical powder, that can help you to do it easily with powerful performance and this is called the RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment.

This product has a powerful concentrated formula, that helps prevent septic system to store possible clogs. This is also safe for all pipes and tanks in your bathroom, it is also recommended to use it every month for optimum protection from unwanted clogs.

Rating statistics
458 customers rated this product for 4.8 out of 5 stars, 385 of them gave 5 stars and only 3 customers rated for 1 star.

All about the RID-X
RID-X prohibits you to stop worrying for possible toilet problems in the future, all you need to do is simply pour the powder in your wall mounted toilet bowl and flush it. Just do this once every month and it will help you to properly maintain, a healthy balance of bacteria in your septic tank throughout the year. You don’t need to call a plumber anymore.

Protection from unwanted clogs
If you properly manage to maintain your septic system, you can avoid having possible clogging issues and your bathroom toilet will function properly the way you wanted most. By using this product, it will allow you to properly maintain your system. Combined with an advanced enzymes, it will start formulating immediately in order to dissolve sediments, household waste and bacteria that will produce clogging in your toilet. Also, it replenishes the balance of other beneficial enzymes, that will help reducing possible sludge accumulation in your tank. With this features it will definitely prevents your toilet from any septic tank issues and clogging problems.

Secret material of RID-X
This product contains billions of natural active bacteria and enzymes, that have been studied and scientifically proven to dissolve septic waste. It has several factors and ingredients that was combined in order to create this product. This includes Cellulase which dissolves any toilet paper and vegetable matter, another ingredient is the Lipase, this will dissolve fats, oils and grease that has been contaminated in the toilet, Protease that will dissolve any possible proteins and Amylase it dissolves some sticky starches. With all the benefits of the ingredients of this product has, this will guaranteed a satisfactory performance.

Reasons why customer rated this product for 4.8 stars

  • Susan says “By using this product, my septic system never failed and doesn’t have problems anymore”
  • bgrammasueb shares that ” We used this product for several years already and it never disappointed us”
  • Ambergris commented “The product work fantastic and I highly recommend this to everyone”

Convenient Price
This product has an affordable price that everyone can afford to buy this product.

Shipment Details
The average weight of this product is 11.2 ounces, this can be delivered within U.S. territories and can be shipped as well in selected countries outside U.S.

Ever used RID-X ?
Share your experience with it, comment below

Find The Best Football Gloves For Your Game

When you are on the football field you want to have every advantage you can get. You might have the greatest hands around, but sometimes the ball gets a little slick and that’s all it takes for you to go from hero to goat. In today’s game you rarely see naked hands on anyone but the quarterback.  And players like Kurt Warner have proven that even that position can excel while wearing football gloves. Since you’ve come to this site it’s safe to assume you plan on wearing gloves. Now all you have to do is make the right decision on what pair to buy.  There are so many options from so many different companies. It’s time to do the research and find out what’s best for your game.

The interactive chart of football gloves below and the analysis that follows should help you decide the best glove option for you, your team, or your children.

It doesn’t matter if you are a youth football player, a college player or in a touch or flag football league. Each position and player requires a glove that fits their needs and desires, but when the game is on the line you want the absolute best equipment you can get, and so we’re here to help.

The gloves on the list above are only a small percentage of the best soccer goalie gloves available.  The companies that make gloves for football produce so many variations and models that the list would be far to long to display on one page.  So the list above shows some of the best options at a quick glance.  This site is a resource that will continue to review gloves as they come on the market and get you the information you need to make your choice.

Most of the gloves covered by this list are receiving gloves.  But there are also lineman gloves, finger less gloves and gloves for all ages.

What are football gloves? Why do you need them?

Players wear gloves on the football field to make it easier for them to catch and hold on to the football. The palm of the glove is made of a rubberized material that is tacktified.  That means that it feels tacky to the touch.  So if your hands are too dry, or too wet, you’ll be able to keep a good grip on the ball.

They also provide protection against injury. Having a covering on the hand when it is banged on a helmet or stepped on by a cleat may not help much, but it is better than having a bare hand.  They also keep the hands warm in inclement weather.

Many of the circus catches made on any given Sunday are greatly helped by the service of a good football glove. One handed catches are much easier when the ball seems to stick to your hand.

You will be hard pressed to find a skill player in today’s game who doesn’t sport a pair of gloves.  Some might claim they have a better feel for the ball when barehanded, but the modern glove gives all the benefits of wearing a glove but are thin enough so you don’t feel like you are wearing a pair of winter gloves and having a catch in the snow.

The prices of these gloves make it easy for even the occasional pickup player to afford to look like a pro.  Ever notice that the guy who wears gloves to your regular game rarely fumbles and makes lots of nice grabs?

How To Find a Pair of Gloves That Meet Your Needs

As mentioned already, the chart above gives you an idea of some of the best options on the market today.  But before you begin envisioning catching the game winning touchdown with your new hand coverings, lets take a look at what’s on this guide.  Overall, rather than taking some guys advice on YouTube about what the best pair of gloves are, look at the options and criteria to help you make the appropriate buying decision.

So, above you will find the Best Football Gloves Comparison Guide to help you find the perfect pair of gloves for you.

We will be reviewing all the brands and testing them.  Stay tuned for new posts on what might become your favorite new piece of football equipment.

What does conundrum mean?

What does conundrum mean? It means something that is puzzling; it normally involves a pun of words or numbers. 

Examples: –

  •         When I look at a mathematics problem and tried to solve that conundrum, I end up wandering over all the other things rather than have a look at the problem.
  •         The current conundrum regarding the fuel has left the government wandering over all types of solutions and how they would be able to secure money towards that particular interest.
  •         Just having to look at the conundrum in regards to the amount of Smog over the Delhi skies has led to the solution of an odd and even rule. However, there is no guarantee that it would work wonders for the environment of this location.
  •         When you have one of the most important lectures of your life, it is very important for you to not go around with the conundrum look in your face.

·         Janice tried to sleep, but with the conundrum, it was near to impossible for her. For more  http://sentencehouse.com/sullen/

best folding bed

Why is having a rollaway bed a necessity in today’s times?

If you go for a visit to any house, you would find them to have at least one rollaway bed in order to provide proper sleeping accommodation to the guests who stay over. This has become a norm, and indeed it is something that begets the current mentality of young generation. So, you can also get into the game and purchase the best rollaway bed that will be able to provide the perfect accommodation to the people that come to your house for a visit.best folding bed

However, there is also a misconception that purchasing the best roll away beds can end up costing you a lot of money. For smart shoppers, nothing goes over the budget. You should consider buying a best folding mattress for your folding bed.

Therefore, conduct your due diligence and purchase products that not only help you in getting the proper comfort, but it also does so within the prescribed budget. If you are really into the use of the memory foam, then you could go for purchasing the rollaway beds that have memory foam mattresses, at least the top 2 inches of the bed. That way, it would provide a wonderful sleep to your guests, and they would not feel any kind of discomfort sleeping on a rollaway bed.

Sturdily built guest bedrooms that have good quality beds are almost always a necessity today. However, due to the shortage of space or due to depleting finances, you might not have come across that option in your current house. Therefore, as an alternative option, purchasing the best rollaway beds and using it for proper accommodation to your guests will definitely work out in your favor. That way, you would be able to maintain their dignity and yours at the same time. Overall, such kind of a preparation is a necessity in today’s times.

How to Draw People to Your Blog

The other day I was reading this lovely article, and it got me thinking realizing that when it all comes down to it, if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about – it doesn’t draw me in; I’m not engaged; there is no connection.
Think about it – for those of you who blog, when you initially started – nine times out of ten you thought, “Oh, I want to blog like _____.” (I know I’m not the only girl in the class that just raised her hand).  Inevitably, we’ve made our first blogging mistake at the very beginning.  Blogging, because of the outcomes we see with another blogger.  Blogging, because of how popular said blogger is.  Blogging, because said blogger makes a full time income from her blog.

And so we start this lovely blog, and spend a ton of money creating content for this blog (whether we’re crafting, cooking, baking, styling – etc.).  And here is the real plunker –


Where are all the comments?  Why isn’t anyone following me?  Why am I not featured? Why aren’t corporations sending me free products yet?

Any while many, many factors play into having a successful blog (layout, design, photos, writing style, marketing, branding – just to name a few).  It all comes down to the heart of it all.


Like those people, who wear their heart on their sleeves – readers can definitely tell if you’re truly passionate about the content you’re putting out there and if you’re not.  And while you may have amazing photos and great tutorials; if you’re just going through the motions (for whatever reasons  you may have) your “quality readers” will be lost.  Those comments that are truly engaging and will be long gone.

When you’re passionate about your writing, it will show through and be infectious to others.  Even if they have no connection to bloggers who talk about graduate schooling, mommy crafts, outfit posts and the list goes on;  because YOU love what you write about and are passionate about it,people will be automatically be drawn to you.  Why??  Because they want that passion.  They want that fire.  And you, my dear friends, have the ability to PASS IT ON.

Take a moment.  Take some me time.  Go get some coffee and a journal.  For crying out loud, let Dad order some pizza for the kids.  And ponder on what you are passionate about.  All of your passions.  Get it all out there on paper.  And then…

Right now, I’m changing my story too.  What I initally set out to do with this blog will most likely be transitioning in a month or too.  Guess what.  THAT IS A-OK.  It is time to stop following the trends and start creating them.  So on you go!  Get to it, I know I am 🙂


You know what is funny?  When you’re destined to do something.  When you can’t help NOT doing something.  When you’re passionate (isn’t that a familiar word in these neck of the woods web now a days!) about something .  It oozes itself into your life – even if you attempt to reject it.  Even if you think you don’t have the time for it.  Even if you feel you aren’t ready physically or mentally for it.  Anyone ever been there?
Back when I was still blogging at Instant Mommie, I had an idea (oh really? self proclaimed idea guru? that’s new!).  No but really, I had an idea to start writing a business blog with a focus in Marketing.  I started it, but had really bad follow through.
With all the new exciting things happening around these parts of the web lately, I find it a little comical that marketing and business ideas have found their way back to me.  Silly me – thinking I’d do another blog based on anything other than marketing – MY PASSION!
So I asked myself, why didn’t it work the first time?  Why weren’t my ideas bursting at the seams like they are now?  WHY?  For Heaven’s sake – was I looking at other blogs for ideas on content when this is my subject of expertise?
I pursued it for all the wrong reasons (right off the bat).  I started it with the intent on making money, not enjoying my passion and this gift I’ve been blessed with.

This isn’t to say wanting to monetize your work is bad thing, after all, the strategy to monetize was from other bloggers I look up to.  However, having this be my main intent for the blog was not the formula for success (FOR ME).  If I had put my passion for it FIRST and let the monetization happen in time (when it was the right time) it could have been more successful.

Now that I’m pursuing this with the right intent – living out my passion – things are coming together better than I could have asked for.

And you ask, “So Aukele, what’s the take away?”

1. Find your passion.  Why would you waste your time and effort into something that doesn’t get you excited when you wake up in the morning?

2. Before you start a project ask yourself, “What are my intentions?”  Make them clear for yourself.  If you don’t know why you are doing something, why do it?  Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” “Is the effort worth the expected outcome?” “What is the purpose?”

3. If you want a true chance at long lasting success – first and foremost, you must ensure passionate about what you’re (attempting/starting) to do. While knowing your passion is really important when it comes to risking it all and doing something for yourself, don’t end up letting it be a crutch – guess what, you may have more than ONE passion. EXPLORE your passions.  Take the time to figure out if you have multiple passions.  If so – then you have more room to play with to figure out what is priority, what has more potential, what is more doable for you.

Did I just open up a can of worms?  More than one passion?  I know, I know.  You’ll thank me later. I would really appreciate it if you would comment below and tell me what you think.  If you have questions ask, away.  What more do you want to know on passion and intent?

Weekly Wishes

Oh hello friends!  I hope all is well in blogland and that you all have had a great weekend and are ready to tackle this week!
sunset beach goals lanikai wishes encouragement
Sunrise at Lanikai, Hawaii

Last week’s wishes were to continue with the wishes before in keeping the momentum going in few areas of my life: health and wellness / blog / consulting service.

Health and wellness was – eh – so so.  This week I’m coming back with a vengence.  However, a few days I was able to have really good ones.

If I could get myself to actually work out this week that would be super super super amazing!! Here’s to hoping!

Passionate Living Life Business Blog Start-Up

I am really happy thrilled and excited about what is happening on the blog and the community that is building.  If you haven’t been around these parts lately, I’m doing a Passionate Living series, and the responses I am receiving encourage me to continue with it because it is making a difference for my readers.

I am working with an AMAZING GRAPHIC DESIGNER to help me add an element to my logo.  I have admired her work for a couple of years now and I’m so excited about it.  I also got most of the pages put together.  I just need to finish the homepage and a few other files before we launch.  So it is exciting.  Again, if you’re looking to start up a business or blog or would like a review on your site or branding send me an email (via the contact page above)!

Just like last week, we gon’ keep it STUPID SIMPLE.  It takes 4 weeks (maybe 21 days, I forget) to solidify a habit.  And so my weekly wishes are remaining the same.  I’m going to keep on keepin’ on and nothing is going to stop me!

Dear Dad

I just wanted to apologize that I had to be your caretaker when you were sick.  I wish we could have afforded the money to have someone take care of you.  At twenty-one years old, it’s a tall order to be a sole caretaker, and I tried my best to hold everything together, as much as I could for you.   When you’re twenty-one, the thought never crosses your mind about having to take care of your parents at that age.
Image result for Dear Dad,

I’m sorry for the times I got frustrated with you.  I’m sorry for the times we were irritable with each other.  I’m sorry for the times I was lazy and didn’t want to go to the store for you.  I’m sorry for not keeping the house tidy for you – I should have taken that upon myself.  I’m sorry for not showing more care – I know you knew I did, but I could have done more.  I’m sorry for being rude at times, when I should have shown kindness.

Thank you for still loving me through it all. I know that you understood the place I was in – and that sometimes it was the only way I could deal with certain situations.

Thank you for choosing to go with hospice in your last month of life.  For giving me the opportunity to be your daughter again, because somewhere in that last year, we lost that relationship and all I wanted was to be able to have it back again.  I will always always love you for that.  I know you wanted to go home, thank you for being selfless; letting others help to care for you and ultimately letting me be your daughter again.


1. Twelve letters and 1 symbol make up the ENTIRE Native Hawaiian alphabet.
A E I O U | H K L M N P W | ‘ (okina – which is like a backwards apostrophe)

2. Hawaii is the only state in America that continues to grow it’s land mass due to the active volcanoes it has.  We have five active volcanoes, four of which are on the island of Hawaii (aka the Big Island).  They are Loihi, Hualalei, Mauna Loa and Kilauea.  The other volcano is Haleakala on the island of Maui.

3. We are the only state in the USA that produces coffee and we also produce 1/3 of the world’s commercial supply of Pineapple.

4. Hawaii has two official languages, Hawaiian and English, however… we also have our own “creole” dialect called Pidgin and knowing the Japanese language is valued due to the amount of Japanese tourists that feed our economy via our number one industry, Tourism, most school children opt to study Japanese language opposed to the popular choice of the continental US, Spanish. Back to the pidgin.  See examples below:

     brok da mout. Broke the mouth. Absolutely delicious. Ho, Tutu’s malasadas so ono, brok da mout. Wow!  Great grandma’s malasadas (Portuguese donuts) are so delicious, broke the mouth. 

     bumbye. By and by, eventually. Eh! You get dirty lickins bumbye you no stop dat! Hey, you are going to get a spanking if you do not stop that.

     cockaroach. To steal. Eh, who wen cockaroach all da manapua? Hey, who stole all of the manapua?

     da kine. The ultimate pidgin phrase. Can mean virtually anything. It is equal to “whatchamacallit”. 1)Eh, you get any da kine? 2)Ho, brah, dat’s da kine. 3) She wen da kine foa get da kine foa da kine1) Hey, do you have whatchamacallit?  2)Hey, bro, that’s whatchamacallit. 3) She went to get the whatchamacallit, but then forget whatchamacallit, for whatchamacallit.

grind. To eat. So what you like grind? We no moa da kine. No worries, brah, I grind any kine. Do you want to eat?  We don’t have _______.  No worries, bro, I’ll eat anything.

hana hou. Once more, again. Chee, LaVerne, do dat hana houWoo Hoo, LaVerne (typical Portuguese name), do that one more time!  *Many times after concerts we will chant Hana Hou, opposed to calling back out the band by their name.

  kanak attack. The feeling of intense laziness that one gets from eating too much. After pounding three plate lunches I had a major kanak attack.  After eating three plate lunch, I had a major food coma.

     like beef? Would you like to fight with me? Not a choice of entrees. Eh brah, you like beefHey man, do you want to fight?

     pau (pow). Actual Hawaiian word, used constantly, meaning finished or done. Chee, I thought you paualready! I thought you were done already
     pau hana (pow HAH-nah). Another actual Hawaiian phrase. Means after work. Also after work drink. Junior wen bus up his truck. Get too many pau hana. Junior got into an accident with his truck because he had too many drinks after work.

     try. Please. Try wait, eh? I come back bumbye. Get plenny customahs. Hi, could you please wait? I will come back, there are plenty of customers.

5. One of the only (if not the only) places you can snowboard in the morning and hit the waves in the afternoon.  Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii both stand 13,000+ feet above sea level.  In the winter months you will find snow there!  Yes, snow in Hawaii.  People have been known to snowboard in the morning, then warm up by hitting the waves in the afternoon.  How perfect would that day be?

6. ‘Iolani Palace on the island of Oahu is the only royal palace in the US.

7. Hawaii has the most isolated population on earth, separated by 2390 miles of ocean.

8. Rice is the main starch of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.  We eat rice with everything, including potatoes.  For instance, Beef Stew over Rice, Curry over Rice.

9. In the early 2000s it rained for 40 straight days in Hawaii.  Thank the Lord up above I was in Portland, Oregon attending the University of Portland. 

10. Hawaii has the longest projected life span than any other state in the US.  The average projected lifespan of those born in Hawaii in the year 2000 is 79.8 years (77.1 years if male; 82.5 if female).


Spring is here, and these are some of the things I’m looking forward to for the season!
+making a batch of deviled eggs
     I was never a fan of deviled eggs or egg salad as a kid, but for the past two years I’ve entertained the idea of it and can throw down on some good, homemade deviled eggs!
+sunrises with my R
     Since the sun is rising later and later
+reading a book on the beach
     I imagine doing this on a late Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon
+watching our little one grow in my belly
     Because the little one is definitely making an appearance and everything is just happening quickly now days.
+growing my online business
     I’ve finally found my rhythm with this thing and so now I’m just working on a few details and things should be ready to go.
+having my baby shower
     I’ll be having it in late May, early June I’d imagine.  My amazing friend Alicia is hosting it for me and I’m so excited.  I’m usually the one in control of these things and so it was definitely hard to let go of that – but I’m actually relieved because I just don’t have the energy to plan a big shindig at the moment.
+prepping my home for my little miss
     I’m dreading it, but not.  It’ll feel good to get rid of a lot of unnecessary items in my house and make room for this lil girl.
+spending time with family next month
     Family is flying in from Hilo and they are my favorites, so a good time will definitely be had!  Card games will be going.  We’ll definitely be playing some bones and it’ll be a time filled with fun, laughter and making unforgettable memories.
+learning more about typography and handlettering
     This kind of goes hand in hand with growing my online business, but besides practice practice practice I’m ready to indulge in an online class or youtube videos galore this season!
+finding my way with this blogging thing again
     For a while I’ve been quite MIA on this thing and a lot of it had to do with sensitivities to certain things going on in our personal lives, but now I’m just ready to fly free and share what is on my heart on this blog no matter who reads it.  At the same point, I’ve been wanting to re-define this blog and change the name but never got around to it.  However, with baby on the way, everything is much more clear and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


+Having headaches while you’re pregnant are NOT FUN.  I’m not a big medicine taker, but the fact that I really shouldn’t if I can hold off – is just salt to the wound.  Usually I think it’s because I haven’t had enough plain water, but even that isn’t helping me today.

+I’m so glad BONES is back on TV.  I was able to watch it yesterday on DVR while R took an afternoon snooze.  By the way… that was an oober long break, but hopefully that means it’ll continue to run once all my regular shows are on summer break.  PS:  I totally forgot Sweets died and it sucked that they brought it up – but I’m sure they were thinking we’d all forgotten that important detail anyway.

+These brownies though….

+I have a love/hate relationship with my maternity pants.  Pants with buttons and buckles are so not the business for our lil Chalupie girl, but at the same point spandex on the belly is tiring after the long weekdays that we have.  I think what bothers me the most is that the pant size bigger fits like a dream on my belly but are way too wide and frumpy on my legs.  The size I’m wearing is perfect, but lil Lups isn’t digging it after about 4 hours.

+It’s been 20 years since the beautiful Selena has left this crazy world.

+I have a three day work week this week!  I usually plan these things, but this one just kind of ended up that way for me.  Woo hoo! #vacayMonday #goodFriday

+Yesterday I had a burrito for lunch and it was AMAZEBALLS, I’m drooling thinking about it right now.  It reminded me of the big fat burritos I used to get when I lived in Portland.  My burrito had Spanish rice, black beans, chili verde, sour cream, cheese and cilantro.  AND… I ate that thing like a champ!! No spills.  It’s all about the technique!

+There is no doubt I feel my lil girl moving around every day, but whenever I’m lying down I put my hands on my stomach to see if I can feel her from the outside.  I thought I was this weekend and had R put his hands on my belly, but he can’t feel it yet L.  Boo nation.  Soon though, I hope!

+Lastly I’m glad that MerDer is still MerDer.  I mean, we don’t like depressed Meredith.

Wild Yam Noodles with Coconut Milk and Vegetables


Autumn is beginning the ever too quick fast forward in Juneau. The leaves are falling, if not fallen. The chill of winter lingers in the sharp morning air. It’s time to get the house ready for winter: fill the oil tank up, get the flannel duvet out, and cook comfort food.

After over five months, I’m still entirely gluten free. I’ve also miraculously stayed off the coffee. I haven’t fallen into the sweet embrace of cheese again. In fact, the only dairy in my diet is organic low-fat yogurt. What may be the biggest surprise is that I’ve started running. I started the Couch to 5K app on my smart phone a little over nine weeks ago. Yesterday, without being chased by bear, I ran 3.5 miles on my own accord. It’s a little weird to write in my food blog about how much I look forward to running now.IMG_3880

This meal was inspired by a hungry trip to the grocery store after my run yesterday. The trail I ran in the valley is close to a nice market with fresh-ish vegetables and “ethnic” food. In Juneau, Alaska “ethnic” food means in most grocery stores, a single aisle filled with a league of all nations hit list of foods. These ethnic foods may include: curry, Asian noodles, Latin American hot sauce, couscous, hummus, tea, and maybe the odd can of dolmas.


– 1 package of wild yam or rice noodles

– 1 Tablespoon of olive oil
– 1 shallot, finely diced
– 2 cloves of garlic, finely diced
– 1 bunch of green onions, white part finely chopped with green tops reserved for garnish
– 7 cremini mushrooms, thinly sliced
– 1 orange pepper, thinly sliced

– 1/2 block of extra firm tofu cubed, to garnish
– 1/2 can of coconut milk
– sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste
– 1 Tablespoon of Madras (yellow) curry
– 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
– sriracha sauce to taste, to finish


– heat a sauce pan of water to boil and cook wild yam or rice noodles for specified time
– in a sauté pan, heat olive oil
– add chopped white part of green onions, shallot, and garlic
– season with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and turmeric and cook 3-5 minutes
– add chopped mushrooms, orange pepper, add yellow curry powder, cook another 3 minutes or so
– when noodles are finished cooking, drain (don’t rinse)
– slowly add noodles to large sauté pan with tongs
– add 1/2 can of coconut milk, add a bit more sea salt and fresh ground pepper
– toss noodles and veggies with tongs and cook for 2 to 3 minutes
– plate in a shallow bowl
– garnish with tofu and green part of onions
– add sriracha to your taste

Serving suggestion:

If you don’t have a nut allergy chopped peanuts might also serve as garnish. Fresh cilantro and lemon grass would also work well with this dish. Unfortunately, the market I went to was out of all herbs other than parsley.

Pair this dish with a Czech Pilsner or a Japanese Kirin brew in a tall cold glass for delicious beer fun time!

Gluten Free Banana Walnut Pancakes


I’m not the biggest pancake fan in the world, but I woke up with a craving for banana walnut pancakes. I suppose I was thinking of the pancakes at the Cup & Sauce in Portland, Oregon – even though they’re made with real flour. It’s been ages since I had a flap jack. Even more challenging than the gluten free aspect of these tasty rounds, is the fact that I made them dairy free. I used organic low-fat coconut milk instead of milk or water.

Fear not Dear Feedbag Reader, these aren’t tasteless hippie frisbees. These delicate perfect rounds are loaded with tiny banana and walnut bits in almost every bite. They’re made perfect with a little smart balance spread and a smatter of maple syrup.flap jacks

This recipe makes enough pancake batter to feed your friends. If you’re not feeding a crowd, get an empty yogurt container to put the extra in the fridge. I’m even thinking about using the left over batter for muffins.

Dry Ingredients:
– 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour
– 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
– 3/4 teaspoon salt
– 3/4 teaspoon xanthan gum

Wet Ingredients & Extras:
– 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
– 1 banana, diced
– 1/2 cup of apple sauce
– 2 cups of organic low-fat coconut milk (or 1 cup regular milk, one cup water)
– 2 eggs, beaten
– 4 tablespoons olive oil
– 1 tablespoon honey or raw agave nectar
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
– 1 or 2 dashes of cinnamon


Combine the dry ingredients first – mixing well before integrating the wet ingredients, bananas, and nuts.

I used a non-stick pan and I’d recommend it. A nicely greased up iron skillet would work just fine too. Get your pan greased up, heated up on medium heat, and ready for a ladle full of this delicious batter. When little bubbles start forming on top of your pancake, it’s probably time to flip that bad boy over. I’d say I found a 1.5 – 2 minute interval for each side made the perfect pancake.

These gluten free flap jacks are better when they’re hot off the press.

Serving Suggestion: Top with a little smart balance spread and some warm maple syrup for a delicious breakfast treat.

Greek Smoked Salmon Dip


Last weekend Matty and I were invited to the best dinner party, ever. It was celebrating the birthday of one of our favorite people in town, Katie White. Unfortunately, I got sick late in the afternoon, and was unable to attend the dinner party. I hear it was a beautiful dinner with fantastic people, and of course ridiculous food. Someone told me a rumor about lobster macaroni and cheese, can you believe that? Matt made this dip for the party and has been happily eating it all week.

This past fall, Matt went out fishing off the beaches here in Juneau. He caught a good number of cohos that we smoked up for all kinds of deliciousness. This winter we invested in a little smoker, which I’m sure we will put to all kinds of amazing uses when we start hunting and gathering again this coming summer/fall.salmon dip

Oh, Feedbag: I almost forgot to tell you I got a food dehydrator for Christmas! Does anyone out there with a food dehydrator have any awesome ideas for me? I’m excited to buy a flat of mangoes at Costco and get started with a dried fruit project.

This is Matt’s own recipe with our wild caught salmon, it’s already a classic in our house.


– 12 ounces of crumbled & deboned wild Alaskan smoked salmon
– 8 ounces of cream cheese, pre-softened to room temperature
– 1 cup of Greek yogurt
– 1/2 cup of feta cheese (Mt. Vikos is my favorite)
– 1/2 red onion, finely diced
– 1/4 cup of fresh dill
– 1 lemon, juiced
– 1 bulb of roasted garlic
– salt & pepper to taste


To roast garlic: 
– Pre-heat oven 325 degrees
– Cut off the top 1/3 of the bulb, exposing the cloves, and drizzle in olive oil
– wrap bulb in tin foil and roast for one hour

To assemble dip: 
– prepare all ingredients and process in a food processor

Serving suggestion: This is perfect as a dip for crackers, or as a spread for a sandwich or a bagel.